End of the World Podcast (follow up)

In my last post I rambled about how great the End of the World live stream podcast episode was and mentioned a few quotes of the night from Bill. I totally forgot about one of the funniest moments of the night when Bill talks about drunk driving. Here’s how it went: Bert Kreischer asks Bill

End of the World Podcast

Election Night highlight: Joe Rogan, Doug Stanhope, Bill Burr and friends hosted a live podcast episode titled, “End of the World” at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles. The alcohol and marijuana-infused event lasted almost five hours as the cast of drunken comedians told great stories and bashed each other. It would have been horribly

What is Substitute Personnel?

What’s up? My name is Justin. Thanks for visiting my blog. If you’re here because you thought this was a job hunting resource or a professional recruitment site, you’ve been fooled. But not on purpose – that was not my intent, as I am about to explain. If you’re staying, make yourself at home. If