About This Blog

Substitute Personnel? What does that even mean? Great question, my friend. You may have found this blog while searching for a staffing service for your business or maybe substitute teachers for your school’s faculty.

Super sorry, but this isn’t a website where you’ll find job hunters. Thanks for stopping by.

This blog is a Bill Burr fan blog. Don’t ask me why I chose such a random domain – the only way you’ll understand why I chose “substitutepersonnel” for this blog is if you’ve been listening to Burr’s podcast for the past two years. I’ll share the full story of how I came to pick the domain name in a future post.

Anyways, I’m a loyal fan of Bill Burr. I listen to the Monday Morning Podcast every Monday and Thursday. I’ve had the opportunity to see him live and he was 100x more hilarious in person – I couldn’t stop laughing during his entire 90-minute act.

On this blog you’ll find short posts on my favorite Bill Burr moments, reactions to his podcast episodes, and random blurbs about how much I love that freckled c*nt.

Comments are welcomed and encouraged.