Bill Burr Hates Sneakerheads

Bill Burr Hates Sneakerheads

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From the Monday Morning Podcast (03/06/2017)

Bill literally went off for 10+ minutes on how he hates sneakerheads. He started off on his tangent when commenting on Kelly Olynyk’s basketball shoes. “The 7-foot fuckin’ pylon” was wearing what Bill called, “black football cleats from the early 70’s” and so he tweeted about it. Thinking that they had to be without a doubt the worst sneakers, Bill got educated on his sneaker game from some of his Twitter followers who happen to be sneakerheads. “You mean the Kobe Eleven’s?” one of his fans tweeted back at him.

I fucking hate sneaker heads. I fucking can’t stand them with their 5000 fucking pairs of sneakers, taking them out of the box and showing them off on MTV cribs licking the sole. They’re like “I’ve never even worn these joints before. Yeah, I can tell from your fucking man tits you’ve never worn them before – ¬†they’re sneakers. Why don’t you go take a fuckin’ walk in ’em?

I’ll tell you what is fucking overrated – it’s so fucking overrated; Jordans. You know what I mean? I’m not saying they’re not good-looking. Some of them. Most of them are fucking ugly as shit. And dude, the fucking amount of mouth-breathing dopes. . . Dude the amount of fuckin’ dopes that wear Jordans. You know what it is about Jordans? You don’t even have to think. You know what I mean? All you gotta do is get a pair of Jordans – you know everybody’s gonna like the. “Oh, yo are those the six’s? Are those the Jordan Six’s?” “Dude look at these six’s. I got ’em with the black with the gold outline. Yo these sneakers are crazy, right?”

Virzi’s a big Jordan guy. He loves Jordans – he was wearing a pair this week. They’re fuckin’ ugly as shit. They’re all black and then they got like this white wall tire thing.

I’m with Ol’ Billy Buttercakes on this one. What is the point of collecting shoes like that? Especially if you’re never going to wear them or maybe wear them once. I don’t get it. It’s another weird ass thing people do.

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