Bill Burr Enters Fatherhood

bill burr enters fatherhood
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Article: Jason from Gulf Shores, Alabama.

This past weekend was one for the books for Ol’ Billy Blue Balls. On this past episode of the Monday Morning Podcast, Bill rambles about Madonna, NFL Football and writing poetry – which I will get to later because more importantly, not only did his Patriots win the AFC Championship but (on Friday) the lovely Nia gave birth to their daughter! Congrats Papa Burr! Welcome to fatherhood.

“What’s goin’ on, HOW ARE YA?!”

If that’s the first thing Bill said to his newborn daughter, that’d be too good.

So apparently (I’m just as out of the loop as Bill is) Madonna gave a speech at the Women’s March in Washington this past weekend. She reportedly threw a couple of F-bombs in there to grab some extra attention, which Bill knows works so well. In addition to what could be considered a terrorist threat, she proceeds to sing one of her hit songs. I don’t know, I just watched the highlights, ok?


About 16 minutes into the podcast, Bill announces he has a brand new baby DAUGHTAH who laid on his chest while he watched the New England Patriots absolutely destroy the Pittsburg Steelers and win a ticket to the Super Bowl. “Arguably the greatest moment of my life,” he says. Ol’ Billy the Kidless is finally a father.

Sparing us all the cliches, he gives his insight on those unforgettable first moments as a father.

“One thing I really did learn throughout this whole process is, which as the guy, you’re observing this amazing thing. . . don’t tell too many fuckin’ people. Don’t tell too many people you’re having a kid because, I swear to God, the amount of misinformation – or even if its good information, a lot of people don’t know how to convey information in a compelling way. So you’re just sitting there, smiling thinking, “When is this gonna be over?” It’s nuts. Whatever they went through that’s what they’ll tell you you’re gonna go through. So you end up going in there and you have everybody else’s experience in your head swimming around when the reality is. . . this is not their experience – it’s your experience. And however you react, whatever you do, whatever you think and all that is fine – it’s your fuckin’ experience.”

“Because I was sitting there almost having an out-of-body experience thinking like, “Why aren’t I feeling this? Why am I feeling this instead of that? I thought I was gonna feel this, and blah blah blah.” I was literally in my head for like 15 minutes.”

That was his weekend – Bill became a father and got to see the Patriots go to their 9th Super Bowl in franchise history.

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