Dear Bill Beurre Blanc

On the Monday Morning Podcast, Bill reads messages submitted by his fans. People of all backgrounds write in asking Bill’s advice on a situation or decision in their life and sometimes they get really funny. I decided to write him a message a little while back but it has yet to get answered – I’m not sure how the winner’s get chosen. Anyways, here’s my message:

Dear Bill Beurre Blanc,

Love the podcast – saw you in Orlando this past May and literally pissed my pants laughing. Anyways, I am a 21-yr old full-time college student who is also in the process of starting a business. I’ve gotten rid of all possible distractions because, as I’m sure you know, in order to fulfill a dream you gotta go balls to the wall and push to the side everything that could potentially hold you back. I’m not going out and getting fucked up with the homies, I’m not playing video games, and I’m not chasin’ the broads. (At least not for a little while.) You might think I’m good to go, full steam ahead right? Except for one little thing. I got a girlfriend who wants attention. (oh geeezzus) I told her I was gonna do this and that I’d need a lot of time to myself – I really don’t even have time to even text her during the day. I thought I could keep her around while I try and build this dream of mine but she’s turning out to be just another distraction. I definitely want this more than her. I’d like to go cold turkey and break up with her because I need every possible minute to dedicate to my mission, and not to mention school. She’s relatively young and equally immature. How should I go about this?

Thanks and go fuck yourself.

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