Ben Bailey on the Monday Morning Podcast

This post was written by Ryan, a reader and friend of ours from Pensacola, Florida. Ryan owns and operates and is a fellow Bill Burr fan. Enjoy.

On the Thursday edition of the Monday Morning Podcast, Bill is joined by comedian and host of the popular game show Cash Cab, Ben Bailey.

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In this episode, Bill and Ben talked comedy festivals, the election, and pronouncing certain words.

Bailey has a new bit where he talks about the differences between how Australian and British people speak English compared to Americans. His girlfriend, who is Australian was talking about his daughter going “horse riding” and Bailey was like, “Wait a second, we say ‘horseback riding.” Then he thought about it and said laughing, “Wait a minute, why do we say that? Horse riding makes a lot more sense. You really only ride on one part of the horse!”

And then there’s discrepancies between how Americans say certain words like “route.” Bill pronounces it “root” and Ben says “rout.” Bill goes, ” I thought ‘rout’ was Midwest.” Ben replies, “Well that makes sense because I lived in Michigan.”

Bill asked Ben if he was shocked by the election results. “I wasn’t that shocked,” said Bailey. “I didn’t bet Trump, I didn’t wanna bet Trump but I did a tour in a lot of Southern states in the month leading up to the election and I saw nothin’ but Trump signs.”

Bill said he would have voted for Bernie Sanders had he been nominated. He goes, “I didn’t want another Bush or Clinton in the White House.”

He makes a very good point when he mentioned how so many people think that the President is going to change their life situation. “It’s on you. People act like they’re [Presidents] are going to save their ass – they’re not, they can’t.” Sarcastically, Bill says laughing, “And that’s the uplifting message of this podcast.”

Ben laughed and then said in a serious tone, “It could be worse. There’s literally a billion people in China that live in abject poverty and are brainwashed into thinking that that is their place.”

Bailey hosts two podcasts that are going to be on his new website. One is a story-telling show called Tall But True and the other is Speaking of Movies where him and his girlfriend watch a movie and then talk about it afterwards.

That’s it for this week, I hope you guys have enjoyed this week’s posts. Big shout out to Ryan for writing this post for us!

Thanks for reading and go fuck yourself. 🙂

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