Bill Burr Hates Sneakerheads

Photo: @TheMMPhotoshop From the Monday Morning Podcast (03/06/2017) Bill literally went off for 10+ minutes on how he hates sneakerheads. He started off on his tangent when commenting on Kelly Olynyk’s basketball shoes. “The 7-foot fuckin’ pylon” was wearing what Bill called, “black football cleats from the early 70’s” and so he tweeted about it.

Tom Cruise Simply Safe Robot Movie Scene

From the Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast (02/23/17) Oh, shit. I just thought of a good scene in a movie that I’m never gonna write. Alright so you get the Simply Safe system, you’re on the road and you check into your home to see what’s going on. Not only do you see somebody walking

Bill Burr Enters Fatherhood

Article: Jason from Gulf Shores, Alabama. This past weekend was one for the books for Ol’ Billy Blue Balls. On this past episode of the Monday Morning Podcast, Bill rambles about Madonna, NFL Football and writing poetry – which I will get to later because more importantly, not only did his Patriots win the AFC

Who is Bill Burr?

Red haired, wiry and downright pissed off at times, the one thing you cannot claim about Bill Burr is that he isn’t funny. This stand-up comedian has evolved into one of TV’s most featured “hey where have I seen that guy before” actors in the business today. With his dry impeccable wit, razor sharp sarcasm,

Ben Bailey on the Monday Morning Podcast

This post was written by Ryan, a reader and friend of ours from Pensacola, Florida. Ryan owns and operates and is a fellow Bill Burr fan. Enjoy. On the Thursday edition of the Monday Morning Podcast, Bill is joined by comedian and host of the popular game show Cash Cab, Ben Bailey. In this episode, Bill and Ben

Dear Bill Beurre Blanc

On the Monday Morning Podcast, Bill reads messages submitted by his fans. People of all backgrounds write in asking Bill’s advice on a situation or decision in their life and sometimes they get really funny. I decided to write him a message a little while back but it has yet to get answered – I’m